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Day 19 – Un-Anti-Social

I see the people on my plurk list getting together a lot. Well, maybe not a LOT, but more than I usually end up getting together with my friends. I rarely head to any events, but today I saw that a friend was DJing at The Folly and some of my plurk buddies were heading out there, so I put on an outfit that I threw together last week for a blog post [that never happened] and headed over to say hi.

Day 19 - Un-Anti-Social

It was really nice to get to finally meet some of my plurk buddies in person! I really should go out more often, but I’m such a bad conversationalist, it makes me feel bad that I can’t keep a conversation going or jump in without sounding awkward. At least, I sound awkward to me. I don’t know what anyone else thinks. I’ve never actually asked.

Hmm. I guess since I’m still dressed, I might as well try to go take a picture of the outfit and attempt to blog it.

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