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Day 26 – Is it spring yet?

We always get really excited for winter to come to Bluebonnet every year. But after Christmas, people start getting itchy for spring. But we also like the chance to decorate for winter without Christmas decorations, so it all kinda works. I was checking the Farmers SLAlmanac and in the next couple of weeks, spring is supposed to come, so I spent some time tonight dancing on the ice and thinking about what I will do when spring comes to the island again.

Day 26 - Is it spring yet?

Don’t laugh at my outfit! I like to buy the probably-made-from-templates-less-than-$100L full outfit from the Marketplace when I’m bored.

I’m thinking for the spring, I’m going to turn the part of our parcel where the gazebo and ice rink are into a little farm. Nothing too crazy, just some little animals and crops. Do you guys know if anyone makes plants in SL that can actually grow? That would be so cute to plant some crops and watch them grow!! But not ones that I have to keep paying for water and stuff. I just want to plant and let them go without sinking money into it like I did into the breedables.

I’m sleeeeepy!!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 26 – Is it spring yet?

  1. PlantPets grow with a click for water, no $ needed after they are bought. In case you want to try it first, there's a free rose plant as a hunt gift from the Where is the Concert? hunt, but that ends tomorrow.

  2. Herb's Garden has garden plants that grow – vegetables and herbs. They start as seeds. They're 550L per garden and they are HERE.

    They're low prim, though so they're kind of . . . low-prim looking.

    Points up to SpaceCase – I like PlantPets! They're in that Where the Hell is the Concert Hunt too, so maybe you can snag a freebie and take it for a test drive. TP: CLICK! (I have no clue what the prize is. I need to do that hunt.)

    DAMN, I'M HELPFUL TODAY! Thank you, Starbucks!

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