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Day 28 – Blogger Blooper

Sometimes when I’m doing posts for the style blog, I use a combination of the Anypose HUD and the emoter in my Mystitool to get an expression on my face. The Anypose has the facial emotes too but I find that they “snap” back to normal a little faster than I’d like and I like it to go slower so I can catch my mouth in mid change. Sometimes it works well. Other times, I end up with a face like this.

Day 28 - Blogger Blooper

Yeahhhh…that’s NOT going in the style blog.

This brings me to another topic. What is with all the homely ass avatars I see on Flickr lately? No, not the doofus girls with their skinny legs and hips so wide that they look like they’re riding an invisible horse and the squinty squinty eyes and the extra frowny mouths that look like they’re sliding off their chins…

Well, okay, I still wonder about those girls, too.

But I mean the just plain ugly ones. Now I know, before anyone starts lecturing me, that people get tired of the “beautiful” avatars of Second Life. People want flaws and stuff. Have you ever really seen your crotch in SL? Talk about flaws! But do flaws have to mean UGLY? You can have something a little off, but do you want to really look like you were slapped in the face, repeatedly, with the ugly stick? Maybe I’m totally off base here, but I honestly don’t see the appeal of being deliberately unattractive. Of course, the unattractive avatars I’ve met also have really bad attitudes, so maybe it’s one of those things where you have to have a good personality to make your ugly avatar work.

Now that I sound totally superficial, I’m going to bed.

One thought on “Day 28 – Blogger Blooper

  1. OMG LOL I love it…and I am with you on this. I work hard to make my avi look like she does, I appreciate someone going. WOW Awesome Avi….I mean, do I really need to smash my face in and look like I ate something sour to be realistic?

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