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Day 35 – Tearing Down

I was really sad to hear about Whitney Houston dying. When she made it onto MTV in 1986-87, I was just at that age when I could totally start getting into music. I loved her. Her style, her dancing, her voice. I was a chubby little girl, she was someone I wanted to be. Some people have been really tacky and showing how low class they are by making jokes and pointing fingers, but to me she’ll always be that pretty girl with the pretty hair and the voice that made you look and take notice. It’s just sad to me.

Since I was pretty bummed out tonight, I thought I’d start tearing things down in the winter park because spring is coming this week.

Day 35 - Tearing Down

The PLAN is to put up a nice garden. Kind of like a little farm, but not crazy or anything. Of course, you google “Pretty Farms” and all you get are Farmville pics. I DON’T WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE FARMVILLE!!!! I want it pretty, with grass and trees and stuff surrounding and places to sit and a pond and all that good stuff. I need to work it all out in my head. If I could draw, that would probably be better if I could sketch it out, but my skills are definitely NOT in art and it would end up looking like I sketched it with my feet and nothing would come out right.

I’m really tired, I think it’s bedtime.

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