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Day 36 – It Had To Be You

I was going to use this picture for the style blog but after looking at it, I realized you could hardly see what I’m wearing anyway. Not that I’m wearing much. So here’s my butt! Enjoy! :-p

Day 36 - It Had To Be You

Every day this past week, the Bluebonnet Mountains have been sinking into the ocean. Spring is coming so fast, I can taste it!! I really can’t wait to get started on the parcel. I’m getting ideas, I really am! The thing I need to do next is start my shopping to find garden/farm stuff. We need a new house, too, but I need to wait for Ulaa to get back to building. Yay for new computers! I hope it comes soon! Of course, I have houses of hers that I’ve never used before. I’m spoiled, what can I say? I always want her newest house!

Since I’ve been bored almost to the point of passing out while watching the Grammys [I did the pic while Tony Bennett was singing “It Had To Be You”], I think I’ll try to wake up and do something now that Al is online.

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