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Day 47 – Why I’ll never get bored of SL

I’ve been in SL a while, right? I’ve done a lot and seen a lot. At this point, I should be bored! I should not get excited about logging in EVERY time by now! I should be like some of my friends who complain that SL holds nothing for them and they’re bored with it. I don’t think that will ever be me, and that makes me happy because I always want this to be a place that I enjoy! If it ever gets to the point of me whining for weeks on end that I’m bored with SL, I hope someone slaps me with a reality stick and tells me to either shake my SLife up or just GTFO.

But honestly, I just do NOT see myself ever getting bored with SL because of things like what happened to me today. I was going to write an opinionated post again because those seem to get me the most new readers [Hi, new readers!] so I headed to mainland to find a picture of an ugly store. A lot of them on old mainland have been long since abandoned by their owners, but reside on land that I guess is old school “First Land” or something, since they never really seem to go away. I just opened the map, found an area on a road, and teleported in. And much to my surprise, THIS is what I teleported in next to!

Day 47 - Why I'll never get bored of SL

How in the HELL do you ever ever ever get bored of a place that has giant robots from 1927 just sitting out in the middle of nothing?? I spent the next half hour or so just wandering down the road, looking at things until I was called away.

Despite all the flaws, I still love Second Life as much as I ever did, and my sincere wish is that everyone felt that way!!

3 thoughts on “Day 47 – Why I’ll never get bored of SL

  1. I was once clearing out old landmarks and teleported way high in the sky on the mainland, where a store must have once been. So I'm falling down through the air trying to pick the next landmark,a nd I notice I landed… on a whale… in the middle of the sky! There was even a bowl of petunias “falling” next to it, a la Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    It was AWESOME.

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