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Day 49 – My inventory sucks

I totally forgot about doing a post yesterday, didn’t I? Well, I can’t say that this one is going to be stimulating because all I’m really doing tonight is trying to clean my inventory a little bit, and so you get yet ANOTHER picture of me on the couch.

Day 49 - My inventory sucks

Sometime last week, my inventory climbed to over 81k. It’s not as high as some peoples’, but it’s definitely too high. I have been boxing up some things that I really didn’t want to get rid of totally to send to my alt Piper [she holds a lot of stuff for me!] and throwing away a few other things. I’m not under 80k yet, but possibly before I go to bed tonight, I’ll get there. I only have about 400 more things to go! And really, I wish I could say that it’s mostly junk I have, but it’s really not. It’s NICE things I’ve gotten from events and gacha things and stuff like that. Of course, I did run across an old pair of Schmooz boots, which was odd since I really thought I had gotten rid of all my old shoes that have invisiprims still, but they were hiding in there!

Ugh. There’s someone on Flickr begging for someone to send them free poses for their blog when they don’t even credit poses. Before I get all up on my soapbox again, I think it’s time for bed.

2 thoughts on “Day 49 – My inventory sucks

  1. My inventory is at 180K . . . well, wait. It's at 178K. I forgot I emptied the trash today.

    How do you box up stuff that's non-trans and give it to your alt? Does LL let you do that. Cheeeezus, I've been around the place for four years and I still know absolutely nothing . . . like, wait – you make poses? :-O

    I'm trying to get better at crediting poses in my posts.

  2. Oh it's super easy! Just rez out a plain box and edit it. In the Contents tab, you can just drag & drop stuff from your inventory into it. If it's transferrable, you can totally give it to an alt! I do it a lot with Gacha items since those are transferrable 99% of the time. Heck, you don't even have to box it, really. Just throw the stuff at your alt and make her hold it!

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