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Day 52 – Webcams and Pimps

Fun night tonight! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pics of the most fun part of the evening because I attempt to keep this blog safe for work viewing, and it involved some pretty graphic scenes since a bunch of us went to Webcam Wednesday at a dirty sim. As much as we were laughing and snarking on the people, we agreed that they had MUCH more courage than us because we’d never have the guts to get on webcam in a public place and show off the way these folks did. Of course, a couple of them should have maybe thought about taking better care of their skin before getting on webcam, but that’s just my thought.

Since the Festival of Sin closes on Sunday and I hadn’t been yet, we gathered over there for a bit. There was a guy dressed like a “pimp” just kind of standing in front of Ruby’s store. So naturally I had to go and dance behind him because that’s what I do.

Day 52 - Webcams and Pimps

It took him like 4 tries, but finally he got out what he wanted to say.

“get lost kid”

Indeed! I told him I wasn’t a kid and he said he was thinking about buying the sim, or “hellhole,” as he put it. Ruby hopped over to ask him about it [we knew he didn’t plan on buying the sim as it appeared that he could not even afford real shoes] and I talked to a guy who had prim pubes. Well, not that it was much of a conversation. All I got out of it was that he’s from San Antonio. Then he wandered off. Guess the correct reply to “What are you into?” is not “Hanging out and having fun.” Oh well. No new friend for me.

But going back to the “pimp” for a moment – Okay, so maybe some of you who are newer to SL can enlighten me. You guys start out with stuff. Shoes, clothes, hair, etc. And while it’s not all perfect stuff, most of it is pretty decent. So why is it that a lot of new residents end up basically wearing junk? You know what shoes look like. Why walk around in basically just a shoe base? Or in a skin that doesn’t look even half as nice as one from your Library? I don’t understand. Fill me in!!

2 thoughts on “Day 52 – Webcams and Pimps

  1. Haha … this post had me laughing 🙂 … As far as the Library goes, I've noticed the same thing (sometimes with astoundingly horrendous results!) and can only assume that new residents aren't aware that it's there or how to use it.

  2. I think Ziki is right, people don't realize it's there or that they can use things out of it which is pretty funny considering that they start out in something from the library.

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