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Day 57 – It’s not Uncle Buck

Yeah, he thought the animation was funny until I swapped it!

Day 57 - It's not Uncle Buck

Long long busy day. Oh! But some of you have IMed me to ask about my puppysister. She’s doing a LOT better and thank you guys so much for the offered prayers and good thoughts!! We had a big scare with her on Sunday but it turns out one of her pain meds was just TOO much for her. She is slowly starting to eat on her own again, which is a big deal because she went days with no food. I went over to see her and my parents today and she trotted right out the door to greet me just like she always did before. She’s still a little unsteady on her feet as the big pain meds work their way out of her system, but she’s on the road to recovery, thank God. I know that pets don’t last forever, and little dogs like her only make it to 9 or 10, but at least we have a little more time with our girl.

Okay, my legs are positively aching, so I’m crawling into bed.

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