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Day 60 – At least I’m not eating cat food

Ugh, I know, I know. I’m getting late on posts for the project!! But I will blame it on watching Jersey Shore and My Strange Addiction. I may be late with posts, but at least I’m not eating cat food or trying to have sex with my car!!

Day 60 - At least I'm not eating cat food

My trip has been pushed back a day…or forward…well, in any case, I’m leaving Friday instead.

Oh! Did you guys know I got selected to be one of the new bloggers for the CHIC Style Guide bloggers?? So excited about that! That brings my current blogs up to five, but hey, I can do it. Especially since I don’t blog in my RL blog all that often. This is just kind of awesome for me because I really wanted to kind of go to the “next” level of fashion blogging this year. Well, next level for me meaning not sucking so much and getting invited to a couple of events. LOL What can I say? I’m easy like that.

Aldwyn is on and actually has free time tonight, so I’m going to go make him go to FFL with me. Bye!

One thought on “Day 60 – At least I’m not eating cat food

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