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Day 61 – FACE!

I should be doing some laundry right now. Or starting to pack since I’m leaving at 7am on Friday. But…taking a big close up of my face seemed WAY more fun.

Day 61 - FACE!

Of course, in the middle of posing and positioning my eyes and all that, I ended up with this shot.

Oh. Face.

Yeah. That happens.

So this morning, Gogo showed a pic from Flickr with my photo on it. It seems that whoever ilovethesims4855 is over on The Sims 3 website, has stolen a photo of me for her profile. I guess I should be flattered, but that picture is YEARS old!! I’m in a Free Speerit skin, for God’s sake. LOL! I tried to contact whoever this person is, or maybe someone at EA, but you can’t really do squat without registering and since I don’t play Sims 3, that kind of ties my hands. I’d be more angry if it were my current avatar and not one from 2009.

I’m going to go back to whining on plurk that Aldwyn isn’t online yet…even though it’s at least 2 hours before he normally gets online. I like to whine!

One thought on “Day 61 – FACE!

  1. omg that's to funny that she stole your pic for the sims 3. Usually sims 3 players use there sim avis from the sims game for there profile not SL. Id know im a sims 3 player myself rofl

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