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Day 64 – Back To Normal!

Helloooo! Spring Break is over. 😦 I had a great time visiting family!! It rained like mad on the way home, but that’s okay. We made it!

It was nice to get back into SL, though. I am not one of those “I’m soooo bored of SL! I haaaaate SL!” type of people, as you all know. I was totally excited to get back in! Aldwyn is back from his trip too, so we decided to head over to Mayfair to see what was shakin’. I’d seen all the posts over the weekend about how it was packed but really pretty, but you know how it is sometimes. You can’t ALWAYS believe what folks say about a sim because they might be just kissing ass. But it was not the case this time! Mayfair is an exceptionally well done sim! I did pick up some demos at Celoe and Mon Tissu while we were there, but mostly it was just fun exploring the sim and finding things to sit on!

Day 64 - Back to normal

I am totally and utterly exhausted from all the traveling. Why is it that I almost always need a vacation to recover from my vacation??? Are you guys that way too? I think it’s time for bed!

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