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Day 70 – Crash Into Me

One reason I married this man is because he and I share so many of the same viewpoints on things. I love that I can tell him every random thing that crosses my mind and he usually agrees with me. ♥

Day 70 - Crash Into Me

Or he’s just listening to me and agreeing so later he can get in my pants. But whatever. It’s nice. :-p

Last weekend, we installed Aion because it is free up to level something or other. 20? 40? I forget. Anyway, I have 2 characters there now. One for when Al and I are playing together, and one for when I feel like playing on my own. My original character is tall and more athletic looking, but my solo character is tiny and adorable. I just love watching her fight!!

Aion Avatar

She’s this wee little warrior. I seriously get a kick out of watching her fight and dance and stuff. Too cute! And I’m really proud of myself that I haven’t died while soloing. I thought I might because some of the areas are little more monster filled, but so far I’ve been doing pretty well. I think I’m almost level 9 with her.

I’m sleepy and I have to get up early, so it’s bedtime!

3 thoughts on “Day 70 – Crash Into Me

  1. Aion is super fun! i have an asmodian thats level 43. Been playing since the game first come out and i've been stuck in my 40's since forever! The game is super cute and fun. Although im a cleric/healer so i just sit back and let other people be the fighters while i occasionally heal them if they're near death hahaha.

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