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Day 71 – In His Eyes

I’m cheating today because I couldn’t figure out anything to do that would be photo worthy. But Aldwyn was messing around with pics and snapped one of me. So today I’ll use that!

Day 71 - In His Eyes

I always like to see how other people see me on their screen. I really need to start saving up for a better video card because I think in the next 6 months or so, mine is just not going to work with SL pictures. It’ll still work, and my system right now actually works with SL really well because I rarely have lag or the big hairy major problems other people talk about. But you know…gotta keep up with the times if I plan on continuing with the style blog, which of course I do. And my video card is not going to cut it soon, I’m sure. I can already tell sometimes that it’s really working double time just to get a picture done.

Sooooo sleepy!!

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