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Day 81 – Time To Get Groovin’

Woot woot! We have a house again! Ulaa finished up her house for the upcoming Culture Shock event and passed it over to me this afternoon. It’s adorable!

Day 81 - Time To Get Groovin'

I’ll show more pictures as it gets decorated!

It’s been a while since I’ve decorated a house. I need to get back in that decorating groove. I threw a few beds out to see which one I want to use but I kept getting distracted. Of course, I don’t know if we’ll be in this one too long. She has another house that she’s been working on, and well…I might like that one better.

Do you ever feel like you should be more immersed in SL? I mean, not spend more time there or anything, but just be more immersed in it when you have time to be there? I have some friends on plurk that are very much immersed in it. Not in the “I’m RPing a scary vampire in the middle of a crack house” thing. But more of a hanging out and really having a SECOND life thing. They go out, they do movies together, they have meals together. There’s even a little restaurant where you can go and pay to have a meal with your friends and family, which sounds so flippin’ cute I don’t even know what to think. I just feel like I should do more with my time in SL than just stand around staring at myself.

I dunno. I’m just talking. And procrastinating on getting the house decorated. :-p

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