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Day 88 – Fondue For Two

I’m a huge Glee fan. Seriously, just love it. Don’t judge me! Cheerleader Brittany had a “talk show” called Fondue For Two. For some reason while Ulaa and I were sitting this evening, the theme song popped into my head.

Day 88 - Fondue For Two

That’s some hot dish! LOL!

I have a ton of style posts I need to do this week. I love events and I love blogging for them, but I need to learn how to space them out, I think. I just get all excited for an event and want to blog it! But I’m not the “Oh hi, let me blog everything even if my picture looks like shit” kind of fashion blogger. I mean, if my picture ends up looking bad, it’s mostly due to my getting a little heavy handed with Photoshop. Well, and I think I’m going to need a new graphics card to keep up with SL pretty soon. I’ve had this one for a little over a year and I think that’s long enough. I like my card and all, but I know it’s not really good enough to keep up with SL anymore. I don’t lag or anything really, but the pictures aren’t like they used to be several SL updates ago.

Keep up or get out. That’s my motto. :-p

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