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Day 91 – The Face

So earlier today I noticed something while browsing through Flickr and it is something that’s bothered me for a while. I mentioned it on Plurk and to my surprise, some people agreed with me. See if you can tell the difference between these two pics.

Day 91 - The Face

The face, right?

See, this bothers me. When someone uses a more action type pose, I feel like they should try to adjust their face more to show more expression. I mean, that pose is called “Jump for joy” and the expression in the first picture makes it look more like “Jump for nothing much, really, because life sucks and who cares anyway.”

The easiest way to put a little more expression in your face is by using an Emoter HUD [Or if you use the Mystitool, there’s an emote thingy in it]. But if you don’t want to use a BIG laugh like I am in the second picture, you can do what I sometimes do and click on the emote you want, then unclick it and try to catch your face as it goes back to normal.

Or, if you’re even slightly handy with Photoshop, you can do an emote, like a smile, and take the picture. Then take a picture with your face normal. Cut out your smile in PS and move it to the normal pic and line it up. Sometimes you get a better look than the squinty face smile. I usually then use liquify to push my cheeks up a little just to make it slightly more real.

Sometimes I even use makeups to give my face a little more expression, like eye shadows or teeth layers.

Expressions are your friends. Try it! Sometimes it takes your picture from Blah to Yay!

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