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Day 93 – Now That I’ve Found You

So if you don’t keep up with the SL grid status page, and you should at least glance at it once in a while, we’re due some big maintenance in the evenings for the NEXT THREE DAYS. Dios, what are they doing over there? Transferring the hamsters who can no longer run on the wheels? :-p [Just kidding, LL. Don’t hit me.]

But I don’t mind really. It gives Aldwyn and me some much needed time at home where we can just sit. Um…not that that’s ALL that different from usual, but I’m normally opening boxes or trying to take blog pics or moving furniture around. It’s kind of like having an almost forced vacation from the normal nightly stuff, you know?

Day 93 - Now That I've Found You

I guess we should get used to this hammock. We’ll probably be on it for the next couple of nights too. :-p You know, I’m totally down with LL trying to fix stuff, but it would be really nice to know WHAT they’re fixing and what we can expect to be better. But I guess we’ll just have to have faith that whatever it is, it’ll be good for all of us.

Oh, the title of today’s post comes from a song that I reeeeeeally like lately. I think I’ve played it about a million times in the past month or so. Love love love. 🙂

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