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Day 94 – Another new house!

I almost feel sorry for Aldwyn sometimes. He never knows when he’s going to log in and we’re living in a completely new house. Yes, while Ulaa DID make a really amazing house for Culture Shock [which is still going on!], she’s made an even BIGGER MORE AMAZING house for the upcoming Home & Garden Expo!!

Day 94 - Another new house

If you’ve been to her store in the past couple of weeks, you have seen this build, kind of. She never intended for her store build to be a house. It was just something she whipped up just to be a store. But SO MANY PEOPLE [including me!] said that they really wanted it as a house! She resisted for a while because the build is really pretty large, but since H&G Expo is the time to go buckwild and bring out your most fabulous items, she converted the store build into a house build! And it is fantastic! It even has an ATTIC. That is going to be my space where I can open all my boxes and stuff so I quit littering up the rest of the house & Aldwyn doesn’t have to pop me in my mouth. :-p

The house is so big, though, that it’s going to take me ages to really get it decorated the way that I want. I MIGHT even need more furniture. Because as you know, you can never have enough furniture and home decor items. Not to mention that I think SL ate a few of my things – like a bed that I really wanted to use in our bedroom! Either SL ate it, or I mistakenly deleted it in my big inventory cleaning spree last week, it’s hard to say.

I started a bit on the living room. While it’s not BAD, I don’t think I’m really super happy with it. But then again, I was distracted.

Starting on the living room

Since I think it’s going to be a rainy Friday, I’ll probably settle in for some all day SL fun and try to knock out a few rooms. I really want this to be decorated fully before the Expo so I can blog it for opening day. Plus, I’m just happier when we’re settled into a house that’s all done. 🙂

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