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Day 98 – Tagging

So I don’t know if you guys have see it on YouTube, but there’s this thing going around called The Boyfriend Tag. Basically you and your man sit around and answer questions. Mostly about you [if you’re the girlfriend] but sometimes about each other. I told Aldwyn we were going to play it tonight.

See how happy I look?

Day 98 - Tagging

Alicia: You have to answer honestly or it doesn’t work. :-p
Alicia: Okay. Where did we meet?
Aldwyn: Right here on bluebonnet, at one of your famous Ch’know parties
Alicia: Yay! You win! LOL
Alicia: What was our first date?
Aldwyn: I think it was me dragging you over to hang out on my island,
Alicia: That was a date?
Aldwyn: yeah, couldn’t you tell? *facepalm
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar sighs.
Alicia: What was your first impression of me?
Aldwyn: Well, I definitely loved the voice, since you were DJ’in the parties all the time. But honestly you were somewhat of a mystery to me, which is what made it interesting
Alicia: Yay me!
Alicia: The next question asks when you met my family but you knew them all before we started dating so I don’t think that question is valid.
Aldwyn : yeah, probably not
Alicia : Question 6 is “Weird habit of each other?” I don’t have any weird habits, do I?
Aldwyn Zanzibar ponders
Aldwyn : none come to mind
Alicia : Yay! I win again!
Aldwyn Zanzibar wonders if this game is rigged
Alicia : No way. 😀
Aldwyn : mmmhmmm
Alicia : How long have we been together? 😀
Aldwyn : Officially it’s 1 year, 11 months, and ….24 days
Aldwyn : give or take a week
Alicia : LMAO! Awesome!
Alicia : Do we have any traditions?
Aldwyn : you mean besides going and judging everybodies avatars?
Alicia : \o/
Aldwyn : and decorating a new house every other week?
Alicia : \o/ x2
Aldwyn : i would say no…no traditions…:P
Alicia : We suck. We need some.
Alicia : The next question is for me to answer. “What pisses him off?” And I’d say… stupid people. And people who don’t like me. 😀
Aldwyn : I WIN! 😛
Alicia : “Favorite feature about each other?”
Alicia : I’d say…the fact that you’re all kinds of normal.
Alicia : Oh, and that you let me call you old.
Aldwyn : lol….right
Alicia : And your av is hot.
Aldwyn : I love how we can just be with each other, and not feel like we have to entertain each other.
Alicia : Because I’m not entertaining? 😦
Aldwyn : o.O
Alicia : WAH
Aldwyn : I am not gonna win this one, am I?
Alicia : Just say I’m pretty.
Aldwyn : You’re VERY pretty!
Alicia : Woot!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion tomorrow!!

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