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Day 99 – It’s a wonder he doesn’t smack me more often

Are you ready for the rest of the boyfriend tag thing we did yesterday? SURE YOU ARE! And I took a pic by myself because he’s not usually in world during the day because he has 3 jobs like he’s crazy or something.

I like this picture, although it has nothingggg to do with this post. Other than to show that I’m cute, I guess. :-p

Day 99 - It's a wonder he doesn't smack me more often

Alicia : Name 3 things I’m good at.
Aldwyn : Only 3?
Alicia : 😀
Aldwyn : Amazing decorator, fantastic writer, snappy dresser, Excellent DJ, and the best wife a man could have
Aldwyn : (I couldn’t stop at just 3)
Alicia : Awwww!
Alicia : What do we argue about the most?
Alicia : Uh…nothing?
Aldwyn : ikr?
Alicia : We’re really boring. LOL
Aldwyn : damn right!
[I don’t think he was supposed to agree like that.]
Alicia : Oh. Now we’ll fight.
Alicia : Do I have PMS?
Aldwyn : yes, but I can always tell, so it doesn’t cause any fights
Alicia : Smart!
Alicia : Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Aldwyn : I tried wearing the skirts, but I don’t have the legs for it. So i do…and SL is a better place for it
Alicia : LOL!!
[We all know I’m the boss, though.]
Alicia : I’m skipping some questions because we don’t go out to eat. lol
Alicia : What is my favorite kind of music?
Aldwyn : Mushy
Alicia : Hey! LOL
Alicia : I like … well okay.
Alicia : Is there something I do that you wish I didn’t do?
Alicia : And you can’t say “Ask stupid questions.”
Aldwyn : Ask stu….oh…um
[I did a growly gesture here, so I’m pretty sure in his mind he thought “Use stupid gestures.”]
Aldwyn : honestly, nothing comes to mind
Alicia : Because I”m totally perfect??
Aldwyn : Of Course! I have awesome taste!
Alicia : We’re lucky we’re together. No one else would want us. LMAO
Aldwyn : totes
Alicia : What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Aldwyn : a birthday cake
Alicia : LMAO
Alicia : Smart ass.
Aldwyn : you said I had to answer honestly
Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar shakes her head.
Alicia : Okay, last question.
Alicia : What can I spend hours doing?
Aldwyn : cleaning inventory, decorating, finding that ONE top for the outfit you want to blog, and listening to me bitch about stupid people
Alicia : You know me well!

We were on Skype while we were doing this and he kept making remarks that I SHOULD have written down. I’m so lucky he humors me otherwise I’d probably be getting smacked in the mouth a lot more.

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