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Day 103 – Love Our House

I kept meaning and meaning to get out a blog post with our new home all styled up and pretty for the H&G Expo post that I wrote in my head. Hopefully the creators who were kind enough to give me stuff don’t mind if I just show it off later in the style blog. I just kind of overextended myself this time around. Of course, I don’t know why I’m surprised. I do it every year. I get SO FLIPPIN EXCITED for all these events, and then I suck at blogging them. But I’m not an every day blogger for my style blog. I blog what I like when I manage to get an idea together. Sometimes that just doesn’t coincide with when an event is happening. Plus I feel like the expo was REALLY short!! I never did get to see the entire expo. 😦

Ulaa made this really gorgeous house for the expo and I’m sure it’ll be available in her store tomorrow or something. I am going to do a proper style blog post on it soon, but tonight I just took a couple of shots while we were hanging out. I’ve been landscaping a little bit.

Day 103 - Love Our House

Back Side

I really do adore this house. I adore it more as I get it decorated. Being that it’s bigger, I definitely have to take a different approach to decorating. With a smaller house, it’s super easy to just cram it full of stuff and call it a day. With this house, there always seems to be a space that I need to fill. Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect hutch or china cabinet for the dining area.

I’m sleepy now.

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