Day 108 – Yes, again.

Yes, again. I changed houses on us yet again. Blame Ulaa. She comes out with a new house and I want to decorate it and live in it. I need a whole full sim just for us to have fully decorated houses. I started decorating tonight. Aldwyn says watching me decorate is like watching Samantha Stevens – things appear out of thin air and I move them around with my finger. Is this his nice way of calling me a witch? I guess it could be worse. He could have said I’m like Samantha Giancola.

Day 108 - Yes, again.

I’m up WAY later than normal because I was talking to Al & Ulaa on skype, but I really must get in bed. It’s another gym day tomorrow. Have I mentioned in here that I’ve started at a local gym? It’s nice! I have a trainer and everything because obviously I don’t know how to do stuff on my own anymore. But it means I’m usually dead tired by 11pm and that doesn’t leave me much time to hang out with people. But staying up late for those two is well worth it. At least, once in a while. :-p


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