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Day 118 – It’s a root beer day

When I was younger, root beer was a treat. Coke wasn’t, for some reason. We always had Coke. My dad didn’t like alcohol, or cigarettes, but Coke? Totally addicted. But we almost never had root beer in the house. When we would pile into the old station wagon and go to Sonic, I’d almost always get a root beer because the flavor was happy to me. All bright and spicy and delicious. Sometimes, if things were going badly at home, my mom would say “I need a root beer float!” and we’d rush off to the store to buy root beer and vanilla ice cream.

I was having kind of a bad day today. Not bad in the “OMG SOMETHING HAPPENED” sense. I’m just very tired and down. But I had a can of root beer on the counter. Diet, of course, but still it’s root beer. I think it’s helping.

Day 118 - It's a root beer day

Most of you know about the Curio vs Hush thing. I won’t get into specifics because, quite frankly, I’d be talking out of my ass. Salome has a much better post about it. I believe that Gala has been done wrong and that Hush skins should definitely not be on the grid, but that’s my opinion.

I wore Lustre from Curio for a long time. I’m not a skin whore, really. Once I find a skin that is pretty and that I feel is me, I tend to stick with it for a while. Of course, once I move on, I rarely put the old one back on, so it was kind of nice to see it out again today. It’s not me anymore, but I had a lot of good memories in this skin.

There is a fundraiser coming up for Gala since the kind of court case she has to go through to get her business back in SL is very costly. [$20,000 USD costly.] I think it starts on the 11th, but don’t quote me on that, and will be held at Truth District. Even if you don’t care about Gala, or about court cases, or even about skins, I think it’ll be worth hitting up just because of the designers contributing to it. Everyone likes nice stuff, am I right?

Of course, I guess if you really don’t care about any of this, you could always just go have a root beer and relax. 🙂

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