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Day 124 – Old School Date Night

It’s rare that Aldwyn and I have more than an hour or so to spend together in world these days. He works 90823409 jobs, and I’ve been going to bed at a decent time, so our time together is pretty limited. But last night we actually had a whole evening together! We decided to go on an old school SL date night.

Of course, you can’t go out without having dinner. I wanted to go to a restaurant. HE wanted to just order pizza. So I just ended up cooking burgers and onion rings.


I think he was making sure my burger wasn’t bigger than his!

I cook good

I dunno WHAT was in those burgers, but man, I just felt like dancing! He wasn’t quite as amused. There really were onion rings all over the kitchen.

See his beat down look?

We decided for the first old school part of our date, we’d go skydiving! For those of you who are newer to SL, skydiving used to be a BIG thing. I don’t exactly remember why, but it was.

Aw Yeah 2006 Skydiving

Of course, we had to use the old school parachutes and…well…

This will not end well

Pretty sure that’s not going to end well.

We decided after that to go dancing, as that is the ultimate SL date thing to do. A long time ago, back before we knew each other, we used to both go to The Blue Note. It’s a very old club, and really hasn’t changed much in the past 5 years that I can tell.

The Blue Note

After that, we decided to explore a bit and ended up at two places.


The bakery

I can not fly this thing

I will water you!
[Yes, I was trying to water this noob.]

And Abduction Alley.

Abduction Alley

Not without my bread

We ended the evening by listening to FrankLee Anatra, a live singer. Now I am NOT the biggest fan of live music in SL, at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Frank!

Day 124 - Old School Date Night

He sang all songs that I really liked and his voice was very very good!! I’m really happy that we happened to stumble upon one of his performances, and we will definitely be back!

And THAT’S how you date in SL! :-p

Or that’s how you waste time giggling and laughing for a few hours. Either way, it was really fun!

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