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Day 139 – Good morning!

Awww. We’ve officially become THAT couple, the one that leaves SL on all night while we sleep.

Day 139 - Good morning!

Actually, I haven’t been sleeping very well the past few nights, and last night I was so relaxed while we were on Skype, I got up from my computer and went and laid down on the couch. [Which is on the other side of my desk, so I could keep my headset on.] If you’ve ever been around Aldwyn, you know he has a really calming presence, which is great for someone like me because I’m so high strung. I was half asleep and told him I didn’t want to get up to log out of SL, and he suggested we just stay. So we did. 🙂

Of course, now I’m up and he’s gone to work and left me with his avatar.

/me sits on her hands to try and not be a jerk today.

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