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Day 140 – The Story Never Ends

I had a really nice out of the blue IM yesterday from someone who wanted to tell me that she likes my blog, and likes the story ones. I like writing more of the “Roleplay” aspect of my SLife, but I don’t do it a whole lot for a couple of reasons. One, I’m alone a great deal in SL and while I can write fun stories about random crap I do, I doubt anyone wants to read “I stood in our living room for 2 hours staring at myself.” The best stories involve others and other places. And that leads me to two – I’m really SLazy. :-p I don’t leave Bluebonnet a whole lot unless it’s just to run into a store, grab something, and go. And setting up stories? Kind of tough sometimes!! Especially if I’m in a creative funk.

But, after talking a bit about this on plurk, I was surprised to see that others like stories, too. I think so many in my circle get just in this mindset that people just want to see our outfits, not read about our SLives or anything like that, and it’s not the case!! Maybe it was for a while, but it seems like that’s not true anymore.

So expect more stories in the future here. The story really never ends. 🙂

Day 140 - The story never ends

3 thoughts on “Day 140 – The Story Never Ends

  1. I love reading peoples story's on sl. Its like you get to know someone by reading their blog. And its always nice to see the fun that people can have. Like you im slazy, And spend most of my time at home. But i love my home so not to much of a bad thing. I look forward to reading your next adventure 😛 I loved your baby sitting one 🙂

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