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Day 146 – The Place

So the other day, I was mentioning to Aldwyn [well, complaining mostly] that we don’t really have a hangout these days. Yeah, we have our home, but no one really comes over and sometimes you just want a place where you can go to where you don’t have to look your best, and you can just sit and talk, or not talk, or do whatever. Like years ago when CeNedra and I pretty much made Sam’s Viper Pit our own. We had our own places, we just always ended up THERE to meet with friends, sort our inventory, and see where the night took us. It wasn’t a club, and we didn’t have events really [except that was the birthplace of the Hump Day parties I used to throw weekly], but people knew if they wanted to chill out, they could go there and do so.

Aldwyn, being smart and also willing to experiment with stuff, suggested we find a little parcel where we could put a place down and see if anyone would like to just come and hang out. So last night, The Place was born.

Day 146 - The Place.

The Place isn’t fancy. It’s not meant to be. We welcome everyone to come and just hang out. Build is on [20 minute auto-return], so if you need to drop boxes to sort your inventory, you can! Feel like sitting around quietly while you work on a script? Be our guest! Want to play a game a Greedy? The table is ready for you. Need a neutral place to bring a potential booty call without showing them your house? Hey, bring it on!

This is just an experiment for us, so if nothing comes of it, that’s okay. But we hope that people will have fun coming by The Place and hanging out. 🙂

OH! The Place is on an adult sim, so you’ll need to be adult verified to come, but it’s not an adult type place, and we’re up in the air, so seeing random peens probably won’t happen. Just figured I would mention that!

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