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Day 151 – Every Day, Every Hour Has Come To This.

We’re just hanging out on the couch tonight.

Day 151 - Every Day, Every Hour Has Come To This

Did I ever mention that our 1 year wedding anniversary was last month? The both of us forgot! I know, shameful. We’d remembered a few weeks before, but on the actual day, I had appointments and he had work and it was one of those things where because we hadn’t planned anything, the day just kind of slipped by.

A whole year of partnership! Ulaa and I were partnered for over a year [15 months, 1 week and 1 day, actually] so Aldwyn and I have until December 27th to beat that record. I’m PRETTY sure it’ll happen. Pretty sure. :-p We’ve already been together over two years. That’s like 10 years SL time, right?

This past year has been probably the happiest of my SLife. It’s not just him, but the SLife we’ve built together, the friends we have, etc. Every day, it gets a little better. I can hardly wait to see what the next year brings us!

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better SL husband. He’s never given me a reason to be mad at him, or not trust him, or anything like that! Two years into this whole thing and we’ve never even had a fight! It’s not that we agree on everything because that would be impossible for any couple, but it’s just that we communicate well and we know what the other can and cannot give. It took us both many years and many other SL relationships in both our SLives to find this out.

And I think that’s the advice I’d give anyone starting out into a new SL relationship. Learn right away what their limits are, and know what your own are. Become friends first. Go slow. Don’t force things. Take things as they come. Roll with the punches. There are days where you won’t get to talk much and days where you can spend many hours together. Enjoy each moment.

[Oh. Also, talk on voice and webcam verify. Trust me on this.]

Anyway, that’s my anniversary post. 🙂 If he doesn’t dump me for being totally crazy before December 27th, I’ll do the “Omg, my longest SL partnership ever!” post.

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