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Day 154 – Happy Housewarming!

So Ulaa’s been living on Bluebonnet for like 2 years or something. Her parcel is where she makes all her Funky Junk goodness. But as any builder could tell you, sometimes your place is all filled up with your builds and you don’t really LIVE there. You’re just on a platform. Well, when a large parcel opened up on Bluebonnet recently, she jumped on it so that she could finally set up a home.

Me, being a great landlady and her best friend, I decided to make her a housewarming cake. I didn’t have time to make one for her myself, so I ran out to buy her one.

Day 154 - Happy Housewarming

What? It totally counts because I wrote on it myself AND topped it with something I made. I’m sure it’s totally tasty!!

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