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Day 157 – Time Changes

I’ve never been good with time changes, especially when we go back to “normal” time. I like daylight.

Day 157 - Time Changes

The rest of this post is about RL stuff, so skip it if you don’t care. 🙂

So it’s been kind of a busy couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t posted in here. I’m not a mom in RL to a real kid, but I am the mom to a kitty cat. She’s my little love! Unfortunately, being as connected as she and I are has its drawbacks. A couple of weeks ago my seasonal depression combined with some not great news sent me into a bit of a crying fit. Now most women will tell you that having a good cry is very necessary, so I really did need it, but my darling cat didn’t get it.

She has this issue called feline hyperesthesia. Hers is mostly caused by stress, so we attempt to keep her life pretty stress free. When she goes into one of her “episodes,” I can usually distract her by clapping my hands or picking her up. But being witness to my boo hoo session sent her into such a state, I spent the next week trying to settle her stomach.

In all of this, though, I learned more about her condition, which is luckily pretty mild, and learned that a low carb/high protein diet would really help alleviate her symptoms. And of course she’s needed tons of snuggles and lots of play time.

That’s what my life has been the past couple of weeks. It’s all about my cat. But she seems to be settling into her new diet really well, and she hasn’t been as upset, so I guess things are going to be okay.

Now I can turn some of my attention back to SL and maybe – MAYBE – my one year project won’t actually take two years.

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