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Day 158 – It Was An Old School Night

For some reason, every time Aldwyn and I are bored, we end up looking for old places in SL that we used to go to. Granted, we are both pretty old in SL – AND SL ONLY – so it is just fun for us to see old places, I guess. Plus, we both still learn about each other all the time. Even after 1 year of marriage, 2 years of being together, and 3 years of friendship, we both still have things to learn about each other and how our SLives used to be before we got together. I think that’s important. Too many couples try to shove their past in each others’ faces immediately and then there’s nothing left to learn. We both had very full SLives before each other, so there’s still a lot to talk about! And it’s really fun when we can both talk about our experiences in places that we both used to go to years and years ago.

For example… Pillow Talk!

Day 158 - It was an old school night-2

Awww. This slide.

Pillow Talk used to be pretty much one of my FAVORITE sims ever. I used to go there very often to just wander around on the ground level, sit on stuff, and hang out in the houses. It’s exactly the same as it was back in probably 2008. Wandering around now, you really feel like you’ve stepped back in time because as lovely as it still is, it is very old. I heard a few years ago that the owner of Pillow Talk died and that’s why nothing new was being made anymore. That’s sad if it’s true, because she was very talented at making some of the best cuddle type poses in SL.

After we finished wandering around Pillow Talk, Aldwyn was trying to remember some castle in the clouds where there was dancing. I couldn’t think of where he was talking about, but I did remember Avilion. We didn’t go in the castle because it’s formalwear only and we didn’t feel like getting dressed, but we did hop on one of the poses out in front.

And then I ripped his heart out.

Day 158 - It was an old school night

Old poses… they never fit.

Where are some of your favorite old school places to go in SL?

2 thoughts on “Day 158 – It Was An Old School Night

  1. I thought I would comment on this. Back in 2005 I think when I started there was this place that was under ground like a secret layer or something not real sure, and even though it was a furry place I went there as a human since not many ppl were there. They played old time radio shows there and I loved to just sit and listen to the stories. I wish I knew where that was now, but I don't. 😦

  2. There was this place that I used to go, back in 2008-2009 that was like walking around a Japanese painting. It was a completely white background and the stark contrast of the black “painted” structures were wonderful. I've since tried to find it but have failed. I really wish I could remember what it was called, at least to see if the creator of the sim was still around and working on new projects.

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