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Day 163 – So Cold!

Winter came to Bluebonnet!

Day 163 - So Cold!!

I still have loads and loads of work to do on the land, but I just love the area I’ve set up by our skating pond. I’m going to head out to other winter sims this weekend and get ideas, too. I still want it to basically look like we had our parcel for autumn, but wintery and probably Christmas-like soon as well. I probably won’t go crazy for holiday decorating until after Ulaa’s wedding.

Oh, yes. My ex-wifey is getting married!! Very soon, in fact, so next week we’ll probably just be going outright crazy trying to get everything accomplished. But I did get our entire wedding together in probably about a week last year, so it is absolutely possible. I’m just so happy and excited for her!!

Okay, back to decorating. And if you guys have ideas of beautiful, preferably mesh, winter decorations/landscaping stuff, I’d like to know about it!

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