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Day 170 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! No, I’m actually not in the Christmas mood still, but I’m quite thankful to the wonderful designers that have given items so freely over the past month. Especially since that’s PRETTY much the only time my poor alt, Piper, gets anything new!!

Day 170 - Christmas Eve

I got bored this evening and decided to overwork my computer to take a picture of Piper and myself in our matchy matchy outfits, skins, and hairs. Piper’s shape used to be quite tall and thin, but now she’s actually a bit smaller than me, more “teen” like. You can’t tell in this photo since we look almost exactly alike with the smiles, but I’m trying to get her face to look a bit more like Mila Kunis. Or Lucy Hale. I haven’t decided really which way I’m going. Of course, the next time I bother pulling her out to play with, I’ll probably make her tall and more athletic looking. The last time I had changed her shape was last December. So here’s looking to December 2013! :-p

Ulaa and I decided to take our alts out and about tonight to get freebies and stuff. Somehow we ended up at a club that is very… ummm…open with nudity. LOL! We were wearing freebie Christmas outfits that aren’t exactly high quality, but it didn’t really matter since we were immediately run into by a guy with an exposed peen, a naked she-male, and a girl with blingy earrings wearing a Shy Caramel skin.

Good music at the club, though. So there’s that.

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