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Day 173 – Like the cream in the cookie

We haven’t had a chance to take a holiday picture this year, so finding ourselves all online at the same time with some spare minutes, we hopped up in my snow globe to snap a few pics.

Day 173 - Like the cream in the cookie

It’s really hard to be a model some days.

Since some people have been asking me about the New Year’s Eve Eve party [RYLAN.] – well… yes, it’s still on. 🙂 It’s going to be a smaller event this year than in the past few years. We’ll be in our gazebo and it’ll be just a time to dance and enjoy each other’s company. I’m still not sure of the time yet, but it’ll be Sunday, the 30th, probably around 7 or 8pm SLT. I’ll lock down the details tomorrow when I know about my schedule more. But I would definitely love to see all my friends and readers there!

Bedtime for this girl. 🙂

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