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Day 181 – My Name Is Rain

Hi, my name is Rain. This is my cat, Philippine. We like nature. I make my own jewelry and soap and sell on Etsy, but my other job is working at a coffee shop that isn’t a chain brand. I only eat organic food except for M&Ms. Philippine is on a grain free, holistic diet and only eats hatchery raised fish because ocean fishing can cause problems for the wild population. I’m really into music but mostly indie bands I find on YouTube and street performers, but I like a lot of the late 60s and early 70s stuff, too. My dream is to own a farm where I can raise chickens and spend my time doing art work.

Day 181 - My Name Is Rain

Okay, this is TOTALLY a joke between Aldwyn and me, but I couldn’t resist it. I LOVE RAIN. She’s the most awesome girl EVER!!

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