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Day 186 – Slump

Still in this decorating and style slump lately. It’s REALLY getting on my nerves.

Day 186 - Slump

Aldwyn asked me if I wanted to go buy a new house tonight just because I seem “stuck” on decorating what we have. But truthfully, Ulaa makes the houses I like the best and there are some she has made that we’ve never used, so a new home would not be a problem. I think I just need to go buy tons of decor stuff.

The style slump is what’s really bothering me, though. I can’t put outfits together!! I feel so plain compared to so many of the other bloggers on the feeds. I am cuter than some of them [seriously, what’s up with some avatars’ faces these days?] but putting together a nice outfit is just not happening. Even yesterday, I was so excited for myself because I’d branched out into some new-to-me stores only to realize that it was my 3rd post in a row that I’d basically worn the same colors. I can’t win!!

I think I might just be too picky. I know it’s not a bad thing to be picky about what you buy and the quality of items you choose to put on yourself, but I’m starting to think that being TOO picky is hindering my style because I stick with the same things that I know look good on me. Probably something to think about in the future.

I guess I’ll go stand around staring at our front room until it’s bedtime.

3 thoughts on “Day 186 – Slump

  1. It makes me sad for you that you are in such a slump with style, I have enjoyed for a while now reading both your style blog and this one. Maybe instead of worrying about not being able to put together a “worthy” style, you should just be yourself, like you always have been. It doesn't really matter what others think of your style as long as you are happy with it. And the last two style outfits were awesome by the way.

  2. You are welcome =) I do know what you mean, I think I've hit the point myself where I am ready to change everything about myself again, shape, skin, everything.. well not completely on the shape, just some tweets.. and some new clothes. Honestly I think that everyone hits the slump, but just be yourself, wear what you like, what you think is awesome. That's what we read your blogs for anyways, your opinion on things.

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