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Day 187 – Reading

The inner decorator in me came out of retirement yesterday and I managed to re-do our front room. You can’t tell from this photo, but there’s a lot more stuff in it now. But I decided to take a break from hopping around from store to store looking for knick knacks to do a little reading.

Day 187 - Reading

Not reading a book or anything like that. Reading profiles. I love to read profiles!! I’m always super sad when someone doesn’t have anything in their picks. I know the web profiles aren’t as fun anymore really, but if you’re using a TPV like Firestorm [which I have been lately mostly because I like being able to turn group chat off] then the profiles are same as always. So sometimes if I want to be logged in and yet don’t want to do anything, I go through my friends list and read profiles. Sometimes they make me think of other people and I have to go searching for their profiles. Or I check one profile and then click on their partner’s profile and well, it’s just interesting to me!

Yes. I look people up on Facebook all the time, too.

I’m nosy. I know it. :-p

2 thoughts on “Day 187 – Reading

  1. Ha! I love reading profiles too! I'll get bored and just go through all my friends' profiles and see what's changed. I have a woman on my profile that I never talk to anymore, but her profile changes ALL the time, which is the only reason I've kept her. 😀

    Also, where did you get that couch?!? I love it!

  2. Oh I think there are some people that I'd never know what was going on in their lives if it wasn't for their constantly updated profile! 🙂

    The couch is Laura from Mudhoney. There's a whole living room set for it but I'm pretty sure you can buy just the couch alone too.

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