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Day 202 – I Have A Problem!

I seem to have a gacha problem. I want too much!! I’ve been hitting the yardsales but I can’t always find what I want. Luckily for me, Aldwyn humors my intense need for useless crap and he headed off to The Arcade for me tonight. He even managed to get me the Princess dollhouse on the first try!! Then I put some plushies in it. And a tornado on top.

Day 202 - I have a problem!

He managed to get me all the band instruments, but still not the antlers I want. This is my list of things I neeeeed.

* Whimsy antlers from Half Deer
* Von D skin from Pink Fuel
* All the Pilot dollhouse stuff except the dining set and the steak dinners
* The Turquoise teardrop trailer from Floorplan
* Silver crown charm from Noodles
* Turquoise honey bee necklace from Maxi Gossamer

Most of those are rares in the machines. Of course. Naturally. I couldn’t just want the common stuff, right?? Ugh. LOL

But my hardcore gacha shopping will need to be put on hold for a bit because tier time is coming up and I don’t think the Bluebonnet residents would be exceptionally happy to find themselves homeless because I chose to spend all the tier money trying to get antlers.

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