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Day 212 – Well, that’s a mess and a half.

So after all the inspiration I got out at Neva River, I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time to finally get the parcel done.” Remember how I said I’d be doing that this weekend? Well… At around 8pm tonight, this was how it looked.

Day 212 - Well that's a mess and a half

A mess and a half.

See, it was all going pretty well yesterday. I managed to move our house up without TOO many things ending up on different floors. Well, okay, the bed was in the living room and the living room couch was in the water, but WHATEVER. It all moved back fine. Then I managed to terraform it up AND use my path building kit from Studio Skye to make a path leading UP to the house. I was tickled pink! In fact, it was so awesome, I thought I’d leave well enough alone and do more today.

And that’s when all the crazy started to happen.

See, I want to make a tiny little beach because, you know, sometimes you want a little sand between your toes and Aldwyn used to live on a beachy sim and sometimes I wonder if he misses it. Studio Skye makes a beach kit. Perfect! Only I couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted the beach. I wanted it to be more of a “private” thing for us [private looking, not actually “don’t come here” or anything like that], but the place that would look the best for it? The corner where our house is! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted the little beach in THAT corner. So, I grabbed the whole house again, scooted it over to where it is in that picture, and set about terraforming the pathway AGAIN.

So I started working and putting the beach prims down. I really like them because they have waves! But because our whole sim is green, there’s not that fade into sand like I wanted. So off to the Studio Skye sim I went [AGAIN] to look and see how the little beach there was. OH. There’s ANOTHER set of beachy things I need!

But then something else came up and I needed to do some style blog pics for FaMESHed and I also need to buy more $Lindens to buy the other beachy things I need to finish the little beach so I can start working on the more foresty part of the parcel and then build my little river and put the pond back.

This landscaping stuff is no joke. I can see now why some people just hire others to do their sim for them.

I’m really exhausted now, and I keep feeling like I’m TRYING to get sick, which I don’t have time for, so I think I need to go to bed and see if I can sleep this off. Goodnight!

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