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Day 224 – Platform Sitter

I didn’t have a lot of SL time today. It’s my dad’s 75th birthday! We didn’t do a whole lot for it because he’s not one for big parties or anything like that, so we took him to lunch and got a cake and it was just my parents and me, the way they like it. πŸ™‚ When I did get into SL, I stayed up on my platform while I was making the HUDs for my new nails.

Day 224 - Platform Sitter

Making nails has been so very very fun. I love that even though the nails don’t come out all gorgeous and perfect like some of the other nail makers’ nails do, they’re still really cute [in my opinion, of course] and I like seeing them on my own nails. If you want to see what I’ve made, you can check them out in my marketplace store. Sorry about the Blingis. LMAO


2 thoughts on “Day 224 – Platform Sitter

  1. what i want to know is how do you attach everything.Like whenever i try to wear mesh hands an feet my mesh clothes or hair why i try to add them back the mesh hands or feet detach. Its rather frustrating….

  2. depending on your viewer you can right click and press “Add” rather than “Wear” for your attachments and that allows you to have more than one item at each attachment point πŸ™‚

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