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Day 227 – Oink Oink Oink

I’ve mentioned before that I have a pretty cool SL husband, right? Keep that in mind as I tell this story.

So The Arcade is happening and all, but after looking at the shopping guide, I decided there wasn’t anything that I simply HAD TO HAVE all the items in a collection from. [Is that sentence grammatically correct? Probably not. Whatev.] I figured I’d just go to some yard sales, pick out a few things I liked, and that would be that. Most of what I liked wasn’t a rare item, so I figured it would be fine.

The night before it officially opened, I got gifted with some of the parts of the Tres Blah set. Vanity table, dress form, all kinds of makeup. Well DAMN. It’s all so cute, I must have it all. Including the rare makeup bag and the compact.

Oh no.

And then… THEN… I got one of the Ohmai piglets. PIGLETS, Y’ALL. In costumes! In teacups! That was that for me. I lost my mind and decided I needed all of them!! [Well, except for the originals. They’re cute, but I needed piglets in costumes.] [Oh, but ask me again later if I end up getting the originals. The answer will probably be yes.]

Here lies the problem. I’ve been awfully crashy lately. I switched to the SL viewer from Firestorm because Firestorm runs ridiculously bloated on my computer and that did help some. But I think the main problem is my computer itself, and there’s not a heck of a lot I can do about that right now. There was no way I’d be able to get into The Arcade and shop, even if I somehow managed to squeeze my way into the sim. Even going to the yard sales was pretty iffy. But I simply NEEDED all the pigs!!

Aldwyn, being pretty cool and quite willing to help me out, has been scouring yard sales and hitting The Arcade for me. He’s gotten me almost all the piglets! AND the rare makeup bag and compact! That’s a great guy who will go buy your makeup for you! LOL! This morning I woke up to presents on the tables. So happy!!

Day 227 - Oink Oink Oink

I am missing ONE piglet – the Princess Piglet. I cannot get it out of my head that my collection is not complete. It’s so bad that yesterday as I was driving home, I saw a sign for a yard sale and actually, for a brief moment, wondered if they had pigs. Then it was that slap-yourself-on-the-forehead moment when you realize that you’ve probably just lost your mind.

But lost mind or not, I cannot rest until the Princess Piglet is mine. I just can’t.

And also the Paris sculpture and the brown curio cabinet from Pilot.

And the Glam Affair skins 1 and 4.

And most of the Pink Fuel skins.

And the Cloud tent from Floorplan.

THEN I can rest.

4 thoughts on “Day 227 – Oink Oink Oink

  1. reason why I'm asking is because I'm thinking about downloading second life! And it seems like you're a pro, and I'd love to get where you are someday 🙂 I also have TONS of free time since I'm on summer break…LOL

  2. Second Life can be a lot of fun! I do occasionally put real money into it but it's not always a necessity to have fun if you just like hanging out and chatting with people.

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