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Day 228 – Hey Little Princess

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. He did it. My darling husband caught me the Princess Piglet!

Day 228 - Hey Little Princess

I have to say, Aldwyn is REALLY REALLY good at this gacha thing. The other day I kept logging in to more and more presents on our hallway tables. He completed almost every collection that I wanted! I knew I married him for some reason. 🙂

But truly, this whole gacha thing made me realize how spoiled I really am. I mean, he could have just thrown some money at me and said “Go play.” Or he could have told me that all this gacha stuff was kinda dumb considering the last two rounds of The Arcade, I went nuts trying to get stuff and pretty much nothing has been seen since then. But nope! He went to play, he scoured yard sales, he joined a gacha hunting group. All because I couldn’t rest without a collection of pigs and a bunch of skins and some makeup things. Is that love or what?

[Well…love, or he just didn’t want to hear me whine for the next few weeks. Either one!]

Even though I’ve been collecting gacha items, I’ve also been tackling my runaway inventory this week. I started on Tuesday at just over 95k. I know, I know, but my favorite color is fatpack!! I started being RUTHLESS. I was actually kind of surprised at how much texture stuff I still had from 2009-2011. Not that there’s anything wrong with texture stuff and I still wear some on occasion, mesh is my preferred clothing choices, and let’s face it – anything from 2009 is pretty dated anyway! I am now under 79k, which is pretty darn good, I think! I didn’t even stop to try things on. I just did a lot of deleting. Now the next big thing is to start getting into my furniture and decor folders. There are plenty of awesome items that I have that are old and still look good, but I know I have some old clunker items that can easily be tossed.

But, that’s a project for another day. Now it’s time for bed. 🙂

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