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Day 237 – Ain’t Nothin’ Cookin’

The decorating of the house continues! Tonight I attempted to get some kitchen ideas but well…as you can see… nothing happened.

Day 237 - Ain't Nothin' Cookin'

I know I’ll just have to start throwing out a lot of stuff and see what I can come up with, but that didn’t happen. Do you all have suggestions for places with great kitchen stuff? I HAVE a lot of stuff, but I can always use MORE stuff. Because you know my number one tip for home decorating: Have LOTS of stuff to play with!

Since I don’t have to get up early, I decided to stay in world and see what was happening. I managed to find a country music club. I may be the only one in here wearing ANYTHING newer than clothes/hair from 2011, but they’ve been pretty fun to chat with. I guess that’s just how clubs are? I never get out and when I do, I am usually with other bloggers, so it’s like getting to see how the big part of SL lives.

Oh heck, I think there’s drama about to happen in local chat. BYE!

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