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Day 243 – The Bucket List

So Miss Berry had a SL Bucket List meme for this week. And I wasn’t going to do it because I kept thinking, “What else do I really want to do in SL? I’ve done lots of things!”

But many many years ago when I used to go to leadership training camps, one day the instructor told us to reach up as high we possibly could. So we did. Then he said to reach higher. And we did. He said that if we had REALLY reached as high as we could the first time, there was no way we could have reached higher, therefore no matter what we did, we could always figure out a way to do even more if we really wanted. That always stuck with me. So while thinking about this meme, I realized there is more that I want out of my SLife.

Day 243 - The Bucket List

The Bucket List:

1. Get better at Photoshopping my pictures. There are so many wonderful graphic artists in SL and when I see their pics on Flickr, I always think, “Why can’t I do something that amazing?!” The truth is, I could, if I put the time into learning how to do it.

2. Make something in mesh and have it not look crazy. I have Blender. I have several tutorials. I have a brain. Granted, it’s not a very techy type of brain, but it’s a brain. If some people I know could learn how to do it, I know I could, too.

3. Finally get a family in SL. I know I have my husband and all, but I feel like we need more people to be close with. I want sisters, brothers, the whole nine yards. I’m still flip-floppin’ on the whole adoption thing, but I think that’s because my RL is a little stressy right now and I tend to only think about adoption when I have more time to devote to SL.

4. Help out with an event. I don’t want to RUN a whole event, but I’d like to help out with one as more than just a blogger. I got to kind of help a bit with The Shoe Expo back in 2010, which was really fun because that was like, MY event, but I didn’t do a whole lot for it besides blog towards the end.

5. Get into a couple of blogger groups for certain stores. NOT saying which ones!!! :-p But there are a couple of stores where I think I’d cry if I ever got invited to be an official blogger for them. Even better would be if they invited me without my having to apply. I just want them to see what I do and like it enough to want me!

6. Go to more than 5 parties in one night and actually have fun at them. My record for party hopping in SL right now is 3. So um, some of you need to have more parties so I can come make an appearance.

7. Do an AO-less run across more than 12 mainland sims. I don’t know why I want to do this. I just do. LOL

8. Go to a really good live show and not mute 75% of the audience for being gesturbating attention whores. Do I need to explain this?

9. Have more than 5 really gorgeous things named specifically after me. My friend Kellee made a ballet outfit years ago and named it for me. My friend Ewan named one of his latest creations for me. So I just need 3 more things!

10. Host and DJ a party so spectacular, people talk about it for a full year afterwards. I don’t think I need to explain this one either. I think I’ve had some pretty impressive parties, but I want to have the mother of all parties one day!

Ten things for now, but I’m sure I could come up with 10 more if I thought about it. There’s always more to do!

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