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Day 251 – Hayyyy

Even though we’re on vacation, once in a while I have to fly back to Bluebonnet to check on things. Gotta make sure no one has rezzed a garden of peens or anything like that. Plus, you know, the cows need attention, too.

Day 251 - Hayyyy

We’ll be moving into a new home soon. It’s slightly smaller than our home now, but still spacious enough for all the things I feel like we must have out. [Like my PIGS!] Of course, a new house means new landscaping and all that. But that’s not exactly a hardship. 🙂 And I know people are going to tease me again about my constant house changing, but I don’t even care! :-p When we settle into the PERFECTFOREVER house, I’ll know. Until then….

But it’s time to fly back to our beach home. Moving and landscaping can wait!

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