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Day 264 – Never Too Many Trees!!

I have to admit, all this Arcade stuff has left me pretty behind on my normal SL “work.” Usually the beginning of the month has me reminding the Bluebonnet residents about rent [I don’t do rental boxes, they just pay me directly] and letting them know about any island stuff, and then starting in some FaMESHed blog posts. Being that this is September, I had also planned to get our parcel more autumn-ish by the 1st. But since we’ve been shopping and I’ve been manning the Lima Heights Yard Sale to make sure no one rezzes anything crazy or leaves anything behind that they’ve bought, I haven’t really done much of my normal work! Heck, I’ve barely even changed clothes in days.

Tonight I started decorating our parcel up for the fall. Only I suck at landscaping and my main form of decorating the parcel is just throwing down a trees. A lot of trees. A LOT OF FREAKIN’ TREES.

Day 264 - Never Too Many Trees!

The awesome part is that when you’re on the ground, it looks amazing. The bad part is that if you cam out too far, it looks like a big ol’ mess. It’s like a reverse Monet! But Aldwyn says no one really would be camming out that far anyway, so it’s okay. He does seem to think I’ll get lost in all the trees…which okay, I did ONCE, but it won’t always happen. I even remembered to change the trees over at Renee’s Place. I need to find some more fall like flowers and plants to switch out over there.

I’m yawning like crazy and I have so much to do tomorrow in RL and SL, so it’s really bedtime!!

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