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Day 267 – Unedited, Unmuted

Usually when I take photos in SL, they’re edited before I post them. An adjustment of colors, the blurring of a face line, liquifying a strange angle on a leg or arm. It’s never anything huge. Frankly, I’m not that good at Photoshop. But I do edit. I enjoy making things just a little bit prettier.

Tonight, though, no edits. Well, except for cropping and putting a frame. But the rest is unedited. 🙂 I just thought the light was pretty enough to not need it tonight.

Day 267 - Unedited, Unmuted

Aldwyn and I are on skype pretty much nightly. We don’t always talk. He does his thing, I do mine. But we’re there just listening to each other.

At least, he’s listening to me. I can’t always listen to him because he’ll mute himself for a minute to blow his nose or cough and forget and then he’s having a big conversation all by himself. *snickers* You know, they do say as you get older, your mind…

*runs and hides*

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