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Day 270 – We Water The Thorn For The Sake Of The Rose

I was reading an article earlier and although I normally don’t read comments to news articles online [the angorance of people saddens me. Angorance = Ignorance + Anger.] I happened to catch one. A lady said “We must water the thorn for the sake of the rose. Sometimes we must deal with some of the bad to get to all of the good.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot tonight. It kind of goes with a conversation Abby and I were having last night, and a lot of memories I’ve been having this week.

It’s kind of weird that exactly two years ago, I was re-writing my vows, telling my friends to please keep their boobs covered at the ceremony, and finalizing my wedding outfit. It’s just…I mean, omg, two years?!

We’re having an anniversary party on Wednesday the 18th. Please feel free to come! It is a family friendly party, so you know…keep your boobs covered. 🙂 I even have the area all set up.

Day 270 - We Water The Thorn For The Sake Of The Rose

*laughs* Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look like much NOW, but it will!! I showed Aldwyn the set up last night and he really liked it. It’s not anywhere near as pretty as our wedding set up was, but for a party it’ll be just fine. And I’ll be the DJ because no one would let me DJ the wedding! Okay, okay. Elle did a fantastic job and I probably would have been too nervous to do it anyway, but no one can stop me from doing it this time!!

I’m awfully tired, so it’s definitely bedtime.

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