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Day 281 – I don’t think we’re going to Masterchef.

You know, I’m not the best cook in the world, but even I wouldn’t stick my bare hand in the pot. :-p

Day 281 - I don't think we're going to Masterchef

I wasn’t expecting to see Aldwyn tonight since he’s still on his trip, but I was really happy that he was able to come in to see me for a bit! We went kitchen shopping because while I have several kitchens in my inventory, I wanted something new, mesh, and a lot less land impact than what I have. I mean, not that we’re hurting for prims or anything, but well, you just get used to your new mesh things being a lot less land impact!

There seems to be a real shortage of good mesh kitchens on the grid, though. There is a great one at The Garden this round, but it wasn’t what I wanted. We hopped around to a few stores but nothing was really any good. But then we stopped at Bazar and found one that was pretty and texture change and had animations in it. AND it was less than $600L. Score! It doesn’t have a fridge, which I don’t understand, but that’s okay.

However… when I got home and put it out, it’s TOO BIG FOR THE KITCHEN!


Now, okay, it does resize down. But then it’s really tiny and sad. I’m so bummed!! It’s mod, but I don’t think I can break it down and make it fit. I don’t know.

Does anyone else know of other places that have pretty mesh kitchen sets?

I’m exhausted, so I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!

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